Terms and conditions of use

1.   Items sold in this store are subject to price changes, depending on the market and / or the cost of transportation warrants it. Unison International, S.A. It takes the right to fluctuate prices in advance according to the trend of the market in the East, considering that the manufacture of the items is made in China.
2.   The shipment together with the expenses for documentation and transport, are added to the invoice, under "SHIPPING". The cost of return will be borne by the customer and the time to carry out the same will be 7 days.
Unison International, S.A., is not responsible for merchandise opened at customs and for the incomplete delivery of motorcycles.
3.   In the case of items which: MOTORCYCLES, SPARE PARTS, ACCESSORIES, acquired through our virtual store (https://www.avaunisonstore.com): the order will be delivered at the address indicated by the user at the time of purchase, by half of the form present on our website and the person indicated at that address, to receive the merchandise.

For all deliveries made, the person receiving the merchandise will be contacted by telephone, and at the time of withdrawal, must show an identity document and sign a delivery guide to the person in charge of supplying your order.

The Virtual Store AVA UNISON STORE is responsible for the quality of the items to the destination country, more, is not responsible for merchandise opened in customs and for the incomplete delivery of motorcycles and / or spare parts; since the quality control at the exit of our warehouses is exhaustive and guarantees us for each piece or item delivered, a total security on quality and integrity of the same.

The delivery time will depend if the transport is air or sea. For orders that exceed a certain number of motorcycles, a personalized quotation and the maritime shipping option will be recommended, while, for reduced purchases, it will be convenient the air transportation that we offer from the page, for a more fast delivery.

The delivery time of a completed order will be approximately 15 to 30 business days, except for Cuba, which, for reasons ranging from customs restrictions and government regulations, may vary throughout the year (for Cuba a delivery time is foreseen that can be vary from 30 days to 90 days).

4.   In the countries where Unison International, S.A., maintains authorized distributors, a warranty on the engine will be offered only for factory defects, for a period of 6 months (the warranty will not cover, for damages unrelated to the malfunction of the engine, due to bad practice by the client, eg lack of lubricant among others).
5.   Our platform, called www.avaunisonstore.com, has been prepared with the necessary and required security parameters, such as SSL certificate and encryption, as well as being affiliated with the SITELOCK system.
6.   The payment methods that Unison International, S.A., offers on the platform called www.avaunisonstore.com, are the following:

  • A.   To credit card

Payments by credit card, VISA and MASTERCARD, will be made through a secure platform provided by a banking institution. The personal data of the clients will be safeguarded, as well as the IP addresses of the same.

  • B.   Western Union

Customers who wish to make their payments by means of cash transfers, by Western Union, can make them through the Western Union payment module. Please send the transfer number (MTCN) through your account on our platform, viewing the item to be paid. The merchandise will be dispatched, once Unison International S.A, maintains the information by the customer and the nearest Western Union office.

You can also follow the TRACK of your shipment at the following address: https://www.westernunion.com/global-service/track-transfer

  • C.   Bank transfer

Bank transfers will be made in the name of Unison Interntional, S.A, to Saint Georges Bank (Free Zone branch - Colon), through the payment module of bank transfers of the platform. Once the transfer has been made, send a photo of the confirmation sleep, in order to be aware of the receipt of payment by our bank.

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